Sunday, 14 June 2015

Reclaiming London rooftops


  1. Dear dear Lizzie,they say people,places & things come into your life for a blessing or a lesson, you are indeed a blessing,I have always found peace,comfort a sense of nourishing my inner child from doodling, colouring,from my teenage years gustav klimt was my guy,London town & its hidden treasures a joy!a somewhat weird added obsession with sherlock, so when my beautiful daughter came to me with this gift,I honestly felt it was made for me, 5wks ago being diagnosed with breast cancer,this wonderful book you've created has became my comfort blanket,when I want to disappear down the rabbit hole,I open my book,so many pictures I relate to,but I am getting ahead of myself,after completing the test page which is genius in of itself,I then had to bring colour to the page at the start which also ressinated on a deep level 'looking beyond the grey'.during my up coming journey I not only have my most blessed gift'jez, my oh so very wise daughter,but the gift you have given me..continue to create,inspire and bring joy ,again THANKYOU ,oh, I must just add I've only just bought my very first tablet,resisting kicking n screaming the age of the wiffy ,so I am praying you receive this as Jez isn't here to post it,I think that's the right word,post it,
    Here's hoping you receive all the great gifts this journey has in store for you & yours
    Many thanks again
    Sarah Pressly

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I'm so happy and honored that my book has come to you at this time, and I hope it continues to bring you every comfort. Please feel free to email me at I'll send you a copy of my next book when it's published later this year. All my love, Lizzie. Ps - I love Sherlock too!!! Xxx